John H. Mathews House

Havre Residential Historic District

Distinguished by its bell-cast porch roof, scalloped shingles decorating the front dormer, and classical columns on the front porch, this wood-frame home was built during the Victorian era, sometime between 1892 and 1903. John Mathews, an agent for the Great Northern Express Company, owned the home by 1910. He and his wife, Kathryn, had eight children, only six of whom survived young childhood. The family supplemented its income by taking in boarders, a barber and two of John’s coworkers. Two live-in servants helped Kathryn run the house: Mary Daniels, a forty-two-year-old divorced woman, and Paul Tayimo, a twenty-two-year-old Japanese man. Tayimo was one of over 1,500 Japanese immigrants living in Montana in 1910, most of whom originally worked for the railroads. Kathryn died in 1915, and like most widowers left with large families, John remarried. In 1920, he and Rena, his second wife, lived here with a servant and all six Mathews children, whose ages then ranged from twenty-three to ten.



124 3rd Street, Havre, Montana ~ Private