Bartlett/Stanton House

Hamilton Southside Residential Historic District

Shed roof dormers punctuating the low-pitched roof and triangular braces beneath the roof’s wide, sheltering eaves mark this stucco residence as a Craftsman style house. Elizabeth Bartlett purchased the lot from the Anaconda Company in 1909 and had this stylish home built, but she and her husband Draper lived here only briefly. Draper was a salesman for the short-lived Bitter Root Valley Irrigation Company (BRVI), which was largely responsible for the valley’s “apple boom.” In 1912, Draper left the BRVI just a few years before the company went bankrupt, and the couple left Hamilton for their ranch. The Bartletts sold this house to Harry and Amy Stanton in 1917. Amy was active in the Presbyterian Church and a founder of the Hamilton Woman’s Club. Harry owned the Stanton Grocery on Main Street, where he worked until shortly before his death in 1941. The family struggled during the Depression but managed by taking in lodgers. The Stantons raised four children here, one of whom, Chuck, took over Stanton Grocery after Harry’s death, continuing the community institution into the 1970s.



619 South Fifth Street, Hamilton, MT ~ private