Hamilton House

Bon Ton Historic District

Bozeman real estate and insurance broker Edward M. Gardner and city treasurer George Willson commissioned this extended family home in 1907. George was married to Edward’s stepdaughter Florence and the two families—including five Willson boys—shared the residence until 1910 when both Mr. and Mrs. Gardner passed away. The home incorporates key elements of the Queen Anne Free Classic style, such as the Doric columns on the porch and cornice returns on the gable roof. In 1920, the Willsons moved to the upscale Evergreen Apartments, and rancher Charles Anceney acquired the home as a winter residence. Professors James and Florence Hamilton bought the house in 1926. James was instrumental in establishing Montana State College (now University) in 1893, and Florence was one of the first women admitted. Serving as college president from 1904 to 1918 and dean of men from 1918 to 1940, James worked tirelessly to establish Montana State as an engineering school. Florence spent her career there too as a professor of domestic arts. She sold the house to her nephew in 1963 and, as of 2020, it remained in the family.



713 S. Willson Avenue, Bozeman, MT ~ private