Hargrave/Vanderbeck House

Virginia City Historic District

In the mid-1860s stores, hotels, and businesses lined both sides of Jackson Street near Idaho. The road was bustling with pedestrians and noisy teams of horses and wagons traveling on the toll road that led South to Summit. The Tootle, Leach & Co. mercantile occupied this site in 1863. Tootle, Leach & Co. had stores across the West that sold a wide variety of items from women’s dresses to toys and farm implements. In the fall of 1864, the store moved to the imposing new Masonic Temple storefront on Wallace Street. Many businesses followed suit by 1870. Traffic died down considerably, and Jackson Street above Idaho became residential. The original store on the site was either torn down and rebuilt or remodeled into a house by 1878. Widow Mary Hargrave held part interest in the building in the late 1880s and James and Mary Vanderbeck bought the house in 1898. The Vanderbecks had six children, were active in community affairs, operated a grocery store on Wallace St., and ran a brickyard just outside town until the early 1930s.



Jackson and Idaho Streets, Virginia City, Montana ~ Private