1135 West Mercury

Butte National Historic Landmark District

Irish immigrant Charles Jenks was the first resident of this elaborate Craftsman style bungalow. Jenks, his wife Lena, and their small daughter moved into the new residence in 1916. As a cashier at the Anaconda Copper Mining Company, Jenks was a skilled accountant, but his ambitions stretched beyond the company and he moved to California in 1918. Subsequent owners included Stewart A. Leggat, owner of an automobile garage, and the Richard E. Sawyer family. Sawyer came to Butte from Great Falls in the mid-1920s to become the general manager for the Ardsley Butte Mines Corp. By 1930, the Sawyers and their nine-member extended family filled the modest home. In 1938, Sylvanus and Marie White and their two daughters moved in. Mrs. White, an officer of the Butte Garden Club, landscaped the yard with many perennials that survive today. The home displays all the characteristics of the bungalow style: a gable roof, exposed rafters, bracketed eaves, rusticated chimneys, and varied surface textures. The decorative brick of the stairway repeats in the retaining wall shared with its contemporary neighbors.



1135 West Mercury Street, Butte, Montana ~ Private