Sliter House

East Side Historic District

Joseph H. Horn, a part-owner in the Kalispell Mercantile Company, built this fine brick home in 1897. In 1905, he sold the property to Everit Sliter, the founder of the town of Bigfork, Montana. Sliter had come to the Flathead Valley in 1889. Having spent all his money on the purchase of land, he and his dog spent that winter in a root cellar. The pair consumed 26 deer and Sliter traded the skins for other staples. He later established one of the area’s first orchards. Before Sliter and his wife, Lizzie, moved to Kalispell, they briefly rented the home to architect Joseph Gibson and his bride, Effie. When Sliter moved here circa 1908, he essentially traded places with Horn who took over operation of Sliter’s hotel and general store in Bigfork. From 1909 to 1917, Sliter operated a real estate business from the home. A truncated hipped roof, exceptional brickwork, gently arched windows, and decorative shinglework make this an outstanding example of late Victorian-era vernacular architecture and a primary element of the historic neighborhood.



512 6th Avenue East, Kalispell, Montana ~ Private