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Rinehart House

Miles City East Main Street Residential Historic District

Nature, comfort, simplicity, honesty, and integrity were ideals incorporated into early-twentieth-century architecture. This Craftsman style bungalow is an exceptional expression of those ideals. Its compact floorplan and modestly adorned exterior facilitated comfort and ease while a spacious porch with solid supports was considered essential to provide a visual link between nature and the manmade environment. The home features an unusual cross-gabled roof and blending of Craftsman style details with Federal style door and window surrounds that are unique to Main Street. Constructed in 1913 for Dr. Curtis N. Rinehart, a prominent Miles City dentist, the home reflects the town’s second growth spurt and initial development of this residential neighborhood. Premier stone and cement mason Chris Arneberg laid the foundation and the sidewalk, where the first owner’s name, “C. N. Rinehart,” is incised at the front entry.


Rinehart House
Rinehart House Rinehart House. Front to side view of the house, facing northwest on the corner of East Main Street and North Jordan Avenue. Source: Montana State Historic Preservation Office Creator: Dena Sanford and Susan McDaniel Date: Mar. 1989


1917 Main Street, Miles City, Montana | Private


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