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341 Keith Avenue

University Area Historic District

The decorative brackets, low pitched roof with dormers, wide overhanging eaves, and extended flared rafters mark this home as a Craftsman-style residence. A welcoming wraparound porch accents the front entryway with a centered gable supported by double columns. The open front porch and the use of natural materials rock for the foundation and wood for the siding and shingles visually link the home to the outdoors, a defining Craftsman style principle. One of the first structures on the block, the prominent corner residence graces the Hammond Addition, an area promoted as “The Choice Residence Section of Missoula.” The elegant bungalow was home to William and Alta Dixon and their two children by 1915. The Dixons continued to live here into the 1950s. William Dixon was a quintessential Progressive-era businessman. In addition to owning a shoe store and serving on the board of the Montana Building and Loan Association, he was a prominent community leader, active in both fraternal organizations and civic groups.


341 Keith Avenue
341 Keith Avenue 341 Keith Avenue. Front view of the house, facing south on Keith Avenue near the corner of Keith and Hilda Avenue. Digital photograph. Source: Montana Historical Society Creator: Michael Connolly Date: Jan. 2020


341 Keith Avenue, Missoula, Montana | Private


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