Halfway House

Located on the road half way between Absarokee and Columbus, this substantial two-story farmhouse has long been a landmark in the Stillwater River Valley. The classic American Four-Square style dwelling was common throughout rural America and reflective of the simplicity of the times. Built in 1907 by Everett McBride, it was among the first large residences in the area. A farmer, Everett experimented with different types of crops and sold apples grown in an orchard adjacent to the house. McBride and his wife, Lydia, celebrated the completion of the house by throwing a well-publicized party for their neighbors that lasted until after dawn the following day. These proud owners began a long tradition of providing a hearty meal and a place to stay for travelers. Everett and Lydia McBride left Montana in 1910, leaving this house as a legacy to the Stillwater Valley. Over the years and through several owners, the Halfway House maintained its well-deserved reputation for hospitality and as a safe haven from inclement weather. Indeed, one visitor later wrote, “Many are the freighters who have stopped for a drink at the well and if perchance it was the noon or supper hour have tied their horses in the barn and enjoyed a meal.” While the freighters are long gone, the Halfway House remains a familiar sight to travelers on the Absarokee–Columbus Road.



3951 MT 78, Absarokee/Columbus, Montana ~ Private