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St. Paul's Rectory

Hamilton Southside Residential Historic District

In its earliest years, St. Paul's Episcopal Church held services twice monthly. The Reverend George Stewart traveled from Missoula to officiate. By 1900, the diocesan bishop recognized the need for a resident priest. The Reverend John Fogerty was called to serve the congregations of Hamilton, Darby, and Victor. Under his guidance, the Hamilton church grew to fifty-six communicants. In 1901, the congregation raised approximately $1,200 to build a rectory for Fogerty. The one-and-one-half story, wood-frame residence, which supplied all the modern conveniences, originally sported a full-length front porch. The kitchen was placed under a separate one-story roof at the back of the house. This common, nineteenth-century building practice helped keep heat and soot away from the main house and minimized damage in the event of a kitchen fire. Clergy families resided in this building until the late 1900s, when it fell into disuse. In the 1980s, a group of ambitious parish men undertook the needed repairs, restoring the building, which became an adjunct to the church building.


St. Paul's Rectory
St. Paul's Rectory St. Paul's Rectory (PAc 91-51 Hamilton R03 F13). Front to side view of the building, facing southeast next door to the east of St. Paul's Episcopal Church on Desmet Street. B&W. Source: Montana State Historic Preservation Office from the Photograph Archives at the Montana Historical Society Creator: Photographer unidentified Date: Aug. 1987


207 Desmet Street, Hamiliton, Montana | Private


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