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Josiah C. Vilas Residence

Livingston Westside Residential Historic District

The blocks between Clark and Calender streets were known as “Banker’s Row” because three prominent bankers made their homes in the neighborhood. Josiah C. Vilas was one of these men directly involved in Livingston’s financial welfare. Vilas came to Montana in 1881 and was the first postmaster at Gardiner appointed under President Grover Cleveland. He later settled in Livingston, entered the banking business in 1893, and was president of the National Park Bank of Livingston from 1908 to 1929. When Vilas died at 83 in 1937, he was still president of the bank’s board of directors. This gracious two-story residence was home to Vilas and his wife, Ida, by 1904. One of seven homes in Livingston constructed of locally quarried stone, its fashionable façade and fine details showcase the work of skilled local craftsmen. Elegant classical columns, windows with diamond muntins and stained glass, and “eyebrow” windows with intricate leaded glass enrich the Queen Anne style home. Inside, handsome fluted columns, decorative wood finishing, and original light fixtures remain in pristine condition under conscientious owners.


132 S. Yellowstone Ave., Livingston
132 S. Yellowstone Ave., Livingston Josiah Vilas Home. View of facade. Creator: John Luther Date: June 2019


132 South Yellowstone Street, Livingston, Montana | Private


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