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I. Orschel & Bro.

Livingston Commercial Historic District

The intersection of Main and Park was the heart of Livingston’s compact commercial core, convenient to both railway passengers and local customers. Here in the mid 1880s brothers Isaac and Herman Orschel, who also had a store in Miles City, did a booming business. In 1884 and 1885, their varied inventory included “everything that is attractive” in men’s furnishings: plain and fancy underwear, boots, suits, hosiery, and shirts as well as trunks and valises, bar fixtures, groceries, blankets, cigars, and wholesale liquor. By 1891, a back addition linked 106 E. Park and 122 N. Main, forming one L-shaped business block. A beer bottling plant operated in the basement. The tall parapet with its fancy brickwork showcases the work of Livingston’s early masons while the building’s side chronicles its several stages of construction.


122 N. Main St., Livingston
122 N. Main St., Livingston Orchel Bros. Block Creator: John Luther Date: Sept 2019


122 North Main Street, Livingston, Montana | Private


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