Raymond House

Virginia City National Historic Landmark District

Eighteen-year-old Winthrop Raymond arrived in Virginia City from Missouri in 1865. He and his brother, Hillhouse, began a business hauling wood and building materials. Winthrop built this home soon after, perhaps on speculation. First owner B. F. Christnof obtained a city deed in 1869, when the property was valued at $250. Christnof made a handsome profit when he sold out to Theodore Slosson for a whopping $1,000 in 1874. The following year, Winthrop Raymond’s wife, Hannah Ellen, purchased the home. John S. Allen subsequently lived here from 1892 until 1931. The original building was ell-shaped, with intersecting gables and gingerbread latticework. Despite five additions, this historic home, with its lovely French windows, retains much of its 1860s appearance and well deserves significant status as one of Virginia City’s oldest frame dwellings.



120 East Idaho Street, Virginia City, Montana ~ Private