The Lincoln Community Hall was dedicated, appropriately, on Lincoln’s Birthday in 1918—with a dance attended by many area residents. The building truly was a community hall, two years in the construction by volunteer workers under the direction of carpenter Tom Hensley. Even selection of the octagonal design had followed community discussion; only one other community hall in Montana is octagonal. Logs were cut and dragged from Stonewall Creek to this site, land partially donated by tourism promoter Leonard Lambkin. Local musician Carter Rubottom and his band held dances to raise money for the hall, and Rubottom drove the 1913 Buick that raised the roof truss into place. The close of World War I saw popular weekly dances here, which drew visitors from Helena and Great Falls. Profits from them were used to add the kitchen/dining room area onto the back in 1920. Over the years, the building has been put to dozens of uses, from schoolchildren’s Christmas programs to a talent show held every Lincoln’s Birthday; it has been fitted for roller skating and used as a gymnasium; and musicals and dramas have been performed here.



404 Main Street, Lincoln, Montana ~ Public