Martin M. Holter House

Helena South-Central Historic District

The flamboyant Second Empire style is exceptionally well articulated in this grand residence, showcasing the considerable talent of its builder and original owner, Martin M. Holter. One of only a few well-preserved examples of this style in Montana, the beautifully restored residence offers a glimpse into the 1870s, when the style enjoyed short-term popularity and Rodney Street was the town’s most fashionable neighborhood. Holter and his brother, Anton, were Norwegian immigrants who established Helena’s first sawmill in 1865. By 1867, the successful brothers operated several Helena businesses including a distillery and grocery. Martin built this magnificent home in the late 1870s. The distinctive central tower, mansard roof with elaborately capped dormers, and ornately decorated eaves are characteristics of the style. The arched, multi-paned Venetian windows lighting the beautiful, very tall double entry doors open to an interior that continues the outer grandeur. Original hand-grained wood finishes, extraordinarily high ceilings, a wide upstairs central hall, and an elegant curved stairway contribute to an overall impression of great space and luxury.



15 South Rodney Street, Helena, Montana ~ Private