Holter Cottage #1

Helena South-Central Historic District

Pioneer businessmen Anton and Martin Holter made fortunes in hardware, construction, mining investments, and real estate development. The brothers owned a number of lots in south central Helena, including three adjoining lots here on Broadway. The railroad linked Helena to outside markets in 1883, precipitating a population boom and housing shortage. The Holters constructed three rental cottages on these lots. This residence, like its two neighbors to the east, is a gable-front-and-wing dwelling with a simple plan designed to fit neatly on an urban lot. All three, joined by a stone retaining wall, were the work of the same builder. This residence retains the original floor plan, windows, shiplap siding, and pedimented gables. Although the porch is now enclosed, the original transom and paneled door fill the entry. Between 1900 and 1904, Emanuel Fischl, his wife, and their five young children were tenants. The Fischls were immigrants from Bohemia who settled in Helena where the family prospered. Emanuel was later twice elected county treasurer. By 1910, grocery clerk John Winkleman was the first resident owner.



413 East Broadway Street, Helena, Montana ~ Private