Granite County Jail

The Granite County Jail was constructed in 1896, three years after Granite County was carved from two adjacent counties and Philipsburg made the county seat. The town served as hub to extensive area mining and, later, ranching. The jail was the first major public building constructed for county use, reflecting early desire for law and order. This stately building contains jail space, the sheriff’s office, and the sheriff’s residence. It was constructed for an estimated $8,000 using features from several architectural styles. The jail’s dominant feature is a medieval tower above the arched portico. Its bricked-over windows, intriguingly, were part of the original creation. The dark brick was locally fired and the rough-cut granite locally quarried. Renovated successfully to current standards, this remains one of Montana’s oldest jails still serving its original function.



220 North Sansome Street, Philipsburg, Montana ~ Public