This two-story residence, built between 1891 and 1897, began as a one-story twin of the Ferguson House next door. Its first owner was Thomas Lacher, a Great Northern locomotive engineer, who lived with his English wife and young daughter. Windmill agent and traveling salesman Stacy Scott and his wife, Carrie, owned the home during the 1910s. William Forhan, an Irishman born in Tipperary County, bought the home in 1923. For forty-four years, Forhan was a conductor on the Great Northern line between Havre and Spokane and on the Galloping Goose that served Kalispell. Forhan and his Bohemian wife, Hermine, added the second story between 1923 and 1927 to make room for their nine children. By 1927, the original four-room American Four-Square cottage had greatly expanded with the addition of a full basement, several upstairs bedrooms, and a bathroom. The Forhans also enlarged the kitchen at the rear, removed many of the twenty-seven trees that crowded the lot, and converted a three-story barn to the present garage. During the 1940s, one daughter operated a beauty shop here while another daughter and her husband raised their six children in the home. Forhan died in 1952, but the home remained in the family until 1967. Long covered with English ivy (which Forhan eventually had to remove because it grew under the clapboard), the home is fondly remembered by one of the Forhan daughters as a “house full of love.”



326 4th Avenue West, Kalispell, Montana ~ Private