Silver Dollar Saloon / Jordan's Cafe

Kalispell Main Steet Historic District (Addendum and Boundary Increase)

A confectionery sold candy from a one-story building here in 1892. In 1901, the Theo Hamm Brewing Company replaced the small frame structure with this highly fashionable business block. The second story features a stamped metal façade designed to look like stone. Unique to Kalispell, the elaborate façade has colonial floral swags along the cornice, "stone" arches over the windows, and an egg-and-dart pattern along the sides. Decorative metal pineapples—symbolizing hospitality—top the pilasters. The railroad made ordering such large prefabricated architectural elements affordable. Shortly after the building's completion, Hamm Brewing Company sold it for a profit to Michael Gillen, who opened the Silver Dollar Saloon. Rented rooms filled the second floor. In 1910, at least sixteen single men lived here. Their varied professions included those of bartender, logger, carpenter, bank cashier, cigar maker, and blacksmith. Walter Jordan purchased Gillen's business (but not the building) in 1907, managing the bar until Prohibition closed it down in 1919. In 1927, Walter's wife Minnie opened Jordan's Café in the former saloon, managing the popular restaurant into the 1960s. 



127 South Main Street, Kalispell, Montana ~ Private