Ross House

East Side Historic District

This two-story residence began as a one-story shotgun style house built in 1897 by furniture dealer Samuel Clark. In 1900, the Clarks added the south wing and second floor. William “Dusty” Rhoades, later city attorney and state legislator, acquired the home in 1905. David and Anna Ross next owned the home from 1907 to 1936. Ross was an attorney and president of the Kalispell Title Guarantee and Abstract Company. Between 1910 and 1927, the Rosses greatly enlarged the south wing. World War I veteran and prominenet Kalispell surgeon Dr. Fayette Ross lived with the Rosses in the late 1920s. The porch was screened in and the entrance was on the north when Roy and Norma Waller were tenants in the 1930s. Norma was the daughter of noted Montana author Frank B. Linderman. The residence today, much changed from the original small dwelling, mirrors the evolution and maturation of the neighborhood.



714 3rd Avenue East, Kalispell, Montana ~ Private