Proctor House

East Side Historic District

Local legend has it that this home was built at Demersville, a steamboat landing on the Flathead River. When the railroad bypassed Demersville, many residents gradually moved their homes and buildings to the new town of Kalispell some four miles away. Before the days of hydraulic jacks and flatbed trucks, this tedious operation was accomplished by placing the structure on logs. Horses pulled it along, rolling the logs, moving the last log to the front as the load advanced. This home occupied its Second Avenue lot by at least 1908 when it was advertised for rent. Farmer George Proctor and his wife Lurana settled in the Kalispell area and purchased the property in 1909, keeping house here until 1916. Like their neighbors, the Proctors stabled their horses in a barn on the alley; by 1927, an auto garage had replaced the barn. The cozy well-maintained cottage retains its asymmetrical floor plan. The bay window, gabled roof, and porch tucked into the front façade are charming features typical of the Queen Anne style.



412 2nd Avenue East, Kalispell, Montana ~ Private