McIntosh House

East Side Historic District

This beautiful gable-front-and-wing residence, built for newlyweds John and Sophie McIntosh, captures the best of the exuberant 1890s with a wealth of Queen Anne details. The Flathead Herald-Journal declared upon its completion in 1894 that the marvelous home rivaled Kalispell’s best in “style, finish and comfort.” Set atop a natural rise dubbed “Knob Hill,” the newspaper went on to comment that its owner would thus occupy “the most exalted position in Kalispell.” Finely crafted details, including fishscale shingles, wavy clapboard, a sunray pattern, and elaborate stained glass parlor transoms, embellish the canted, or “beveled,” front gable. McIntosh had a successful and varied career in Kalispell, selling everything from hardware and pianos to automobiles. His opera house, built in 1896, was the town’s longtime cultural center. Sophie died in 1920 and John McIntosh in 1947, but the home remained in the family until 1979.



511 4th Avenue East, Kalispell, Montana ~ Private