Bank of Fergus County

Lewistown Central Business Historic District

Kent and Bell, designers of the Montana State Capitol, drew the plans for this Renaissance Revival/Beaux Arts-inspired building of sandstone and brick, completed in 1904. The bank was Lewistown’s first, founded in 1887 by S. S. Hobson, James H. Moe, and merchant prince T. C. Power. Remodeling in 1915 added terra cotta window facings, pilasters, columns, and horizontal moldings intended to complement the design of the adjacent 1914 Judith Theatre. These embellishments demonstrate a shift along Main Street from the use of local materials to those imported by the railroad. The original wainscoting, high ceilings, and brass-trimmed swinging doors within reflect the wealth of a bygone era.



223 West Main Street, Lewistown, Montana ~ Private