127 East Center Street

Butte Historic District

Legend has it that the accidental death of a young boy on a mining claim prompted the construction of this boardinghouse circa 1897. Copper miner Alexander Rowe and his wife, Esther, had purchased the lot from wealthy businessman Patrick Largey. The Rowes operated a neighborhood boardinghouse catering mostly to mine workers. Its size and fashionable design, reminiscent of the Georgian style, make this a Centerville landmark. A square plan and five arched windows across the front reveal the Georgian influence while the front porch, an amenity essential to any boardinghouse, features typical Victorian-era ornamentation including original spindlework, curved balusters, and scroll brackets. The Rowes made their home here along with their daughter and several other family members. In 1910, an engineer, a watchman, and an Episcopal clergyman were among the ten boarders. By the late 1930s, the John Downey family was in residence and the boardinghouse was converted to a single family home.



127 East Center St., Butte ~ private