1121 North 32 Street

North Elevation Historic District

Built at the height of the “bungalow craze,” this circa 1915 residence features the open eaves, exposed rafters, and triangular knee braces that characterize the Craftsman style. The home’s size (five rooms) made it affordable to finish the interior with modern plumbing, hardwood floors, and other desirable features. Early residents include civil engineer Winifred Record, who lived here in 1916 and 1917, and Edward and Edith Parker, in residence from 1918 to 1923. Edward was vice president of Montana Ranches, a real estate company that marketed hundreds of thousands of acres to Midwestern farmers. When the Parkers sold the home in 1923, they placed an ad in the Billings Gazette touting its “bath, sleeping porch, choice neighborhood, attractive lawn, trees and garden.” Martin Depner, who owned New Method Shoe Repair, and his wife Katherine purchased the residence. When their family of eight outgrew it in 1930, they advertised the house for sale for $5,500. Reflecting the automobiles’ growing cultural significance, their ad highlighted the property’s double car garage as a selling point.



1121 North 32nd St. ~ private