St. Paul's Elling Memorial Episcopal Church

Virginia City Historic District

Following the death of her husband, Henry Elling, in 1900, Mary Elling donated twenty thousand dollars to build a new St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in his honor. An influential merchant and banker, he had been a stalwart supporter of St. Paul’s. The church was founded by Bishop Daniel S. Tuttle, who directed the territory’s first Episcopal services on July 21, 1867 in a hall on Jackson Street. Tuttle also raised the funds to build Montana’s first Episcopal church, dedicating the simple, wood-frame building in May 1868. That church was demolished in 1903 to make way for this Gothic Revival style edifice designed by Butte architects Fennel and Grove. Local stonemason James Emslie laid the rough-cut porphyry walls, and Chicago’s Munich Studios crafted the stained-glass resurrection window above the altar, the ascension window at the rear of the sanctuary, and other windows found throughout the church. On July 21, 1904, exactly thirty-seven years after Bishop Tuttle held the territory’s first Episcopal service, Bishop Leigh R. Brewer consecrated the new church with a congregation of four hundred in attendance.



Southeast corner Idaho and Broadway ~ public