Club Moderne

Goosetown Historic District

It was a grand and gala event on October 9, 1937, when John “Skinny” Francisco debuted his luxurious establishment to an eager public. Souvenir roses and etched liquor glasses commemorated the long-awaited occasion. Club Moderne is today a premier example of the Art Deco style, especially noteworthy for its pristinely preserved interior. The style, introduced to America at a Paris exposition in 1925, rejected historical references. It was a new “modern” style, the ultimate architectural expression of the machine age. The club’s gently rounded façade embellished with smooth Carrara glass panels elegantly emphasizes streamlined proportions. Original neon lighting boldly illuminates the façade. Bozeman architect Fred Willson designed the building constructed by Theodore Eck of Anaconda and finished entirely by local craftsmen. The henna and tan interior includes the original inlaid woods, leather panels, chromium and leather furniture, and Formica tables. Renowned as “the king of such places,” the Club Moderne was independently listed in the National Register in 1986 and has become a true icon for Art Deco connoisseurs.



801 East Park Avenue, Anaconda, Montana ~ Public