Miles Garnier Block

Livingston Commercial Historic District

Charles Garnier—Livingston mayor and cigar manufacturer—teamed up with businessman, brick manufacturer, and real estate developer A. W. Miles to construct this dignified addition to the commercial district. They hired one of the architects responsible for the Montana State Capitol, C. E. Bell, in 1903, but they delayed construction until 1904 so that Miles could focus on rebuilding another of his commercial blocks after a disastrous fire. Bell’s dignified design features pressed brick laid to suggest stonework. Above the second story, decorative brackets appear to support a cast iron cornice. The first story—once almost entirely dominated by plate-glass display windows—has been remodeled several times, but the original carved sandstone entrance remains on Callender Street. Rightly proud of their building, Garnier and Miles not only had their names carved in sandstone above the decorative entryway, but they placed them in metal atop the building on the parapet. They also had their names pressed into the sidewalk along with the words “Smoke Montana Sport”—Garnier’s most popular brand of cigars.



102 North 2nd Street, Livingston, MT