1111 North 32nd Street

North Elevation Historic District

Built c. 1916, this one-and-one-half-story bungalow still looks much as it did when card parties and club luncheons filled its owners’ social calendars. As is typical with the Craftsman style, knee braces ornament wide overhanging eaves, and a low-pitched shed dormer efficiently expands the home’s livability. Wooden lap siding clads the exterior, and removable glass storm windows enclose the front porch, just as they would have in the winter of 1917. That year, insurance company manager Daniel Hynds, his wife Kathleen, and their thirty-year-old son Harry, a traveling salesman, made 1111 North 32 Street their home. Billings banker Fred Marble and wife Lillian purchased the bungalow in the late 1920s. Like other North Elevation residents, their names appeared frequently in the newspaper’s social pages. Walter Foster, the superintendent of a meat packing company, purchased the home in 1936. His wife Louie May continued the familiar social whirl, hosting bridge parties, the Congregational Woman’s Society, and other familiar functions.



1111 North 32nd Street, Billings, Montana ~ Private