Reed Residence

McCormick Neighborhood Historic District

Hilda Reed purchased this lot for $600 on January 16, 1907, shortly after she moved to Missoula with her husband Theodore, their daughter, Hulda, and her brother-in-law Andrew. A second daughter, Theodora, arrived shortly thereafter. Both carpenter-contractors, Theodore and Andrew almost certainly worked together to build this meticulously crafted one-and-one-half-story home, where Hilda, Theodore, and family lived until 1945. The Craftsman-style residence features a low-pitched roof with wide flaring eaves and a centered dormer; the front porch is tucked beneath the main roof. The home provided a silent advertisement for the Norwegian-born brothers’ carpentry skills. Its subtle detailing includes leaded glass windows, decorative crown molding, and a wood belt separating the foundation from the tidy, lap wood siding. A lifelong bachelor, Andrew lived in a small home behind the main house until his death in 1942. Sometime after 1958, new owners replaced Andrew’s house and the Reeds’ garage with a small modern home. They were not alone: in the 1950s and 1960s, many homeowners took advantage of their neighborhood’s prime location to add a rental house on a portion of their lot.



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