Push Saloon / Silver Dollar Saloon

Butte National Historic Landmark District

Butte saloons bragged of their diversity, specialization, and peculiarities. Frenchmen drank white whiskey at the Canadian, and the Scotch were entertained by bagpipes at McGregor’s. Swedes patronized the Scandia Hall and blacks the Silver Tip. Engineers frequented Jerry Clifford’s saloon, “high class miners” the Southern, and theater-goers the Orpheum. In addition, the nearby red light district (commonly called the “twilight zone”) boasted “very, very naughty saloons.” When the Push Saloon opened in this building in 1894 it was one of Butte’s 165 saloons. A four block walk up Main Street offered a choice of 35 similar establishments. During Prohibition owners sold “soft drinks and cigars” here, and later the Midget Creamery at this location accepted shipments from distant Virgelle, Montana—a place too accessible to the border and “bootleg” not to raise eyebrows. The Silver Dollar, established after Prohibition in 1934, is today a working link to this colorful and distinctive heritage.



133-135 South Main Street, Butte, Montana ~ Private