321 West Galena Street

Butte National Historic Landmark District

Butte School District #1 constructed this attractive four-story building between 1918 and 1920 to house the high school’s Manual Training Department. The United States Army Recruiting Center was located here during World War II and, later, from 1954 to 1963, it was the site of Butte Business College classes. Since its rear façade faces the back of the Masonic Temple, the building long provided a convenient meeting hall for Masonic youth groups. Architectural highlights include a fine circular arch framing the front entry, decorative stone trim separating the first and second floors, an ornamental cornice and windows with steel angle lintels, and stone sills. This well-maintained building, constructed of concrete with brick veneer, remains today virtually unaltered. Its excellent workmanship and design are ready evidence of the prosperity of the mining community in the early twentieth century.



321 West Galena Street, Butte, Montana ~ Private