Wilson Residence

Forsyth Residential Historic District

Dr. Arthur C. Wilson moved to Forsyth after graduating medical school in 1891. He worked as a surgeon for the Northern Pacific Railroad, as a medical examiner for insurance companies, and as the county health officer. Forsyth’s first resident physician, he also maintained an active general practice and is said to have covered “the territory between Miles City and Musselshell and to the Wyoming line.” He and his wife Ida had this home built in 1903 either replacing or substantially enlarging the small wooden home that occupied this lot by 1897. The two-and-one-half-story residence on a double corner lot reflected the prominence of its owners, who lived here until Dr. Wilson’s death in 1929. Popular Queen Anne elements ornament the home: a wraparound porch, two-story octagonal bay, and decorative leaded glass. Although it looks like an addition, the one-story room behind the house was part of the original design. Placing the kitchen under separate roof minimized fire risk. Bucket brigades could more easily reach a one-story roof, perhaps saving the main house in case of a kitchen fire.



209 North 11th Avenue, Forsyth, Montana ~ Private