Thurston Residence

Forsyth Residential Historic District

Small touches add elegance to this one-and-one-half-story Colonial Revival residence and matching garage. Particularly noteworthy are its overall symmetry, prominent eave returns, shingled gabled ends, and classical pillars supporting the hipped roof of the front porch. The home’s relative lack of adornment owes much to the early twentieth century’s emphasis on simplicity and clean lines. Its longest-term residents were Andrew and Ellen Thurston and their four daughters. Andrew managed the Yellowstone Elevator Company before becoming a car salesman while Ellen was locally known for her hospitality. The popular Forsyth couple may have built the home after purchasing the lot from prominent businessman and banker Emmett Meyerhoff in 1919. They owned the residence until 1937. The wooden home with clapboard siding has changed little since it was first built. Except for the modern porch screens, storm windows, and metal roof, the exterior looks much as it did in 1920. The interior still boasts hardwood floors, wood trim, crown molding, and even some of the original light fixtures.



290 North 14th Avenue, Forsyth, Montana ~ Private