610 North Twelfth Avenue

Forsyth Residential Historic District

Standing just outside the original town site, this two-story home is believed to be one of the first residences constructed so close to the Yellowstone River. It was a dangerous place to build since despite early dikes, the river was still prone to floods. The concrete block foundation of this wooden home dates its construction to around 1906, after local mason Carson Conn had begun manufacturing the “pressed stone building material,” which he “guaranteed against frost and dampness.” Although several local buildings used the material in their foundations, only two Forsyth homes prominently feature the decorative concrete blocks. These were built by E. A. Richardson, founder of the Richardson Mercantile, and his nephew and employee E. A. Cornwell. Hal Withington, who is believed to have built this home, may well have learned about the technology from them. He worked with both men as manager of the Richardson Mercantile’s grocery department.



610 North 12th Avenue, Forsyth, Montana ~ Private