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411 North Twelfth Avenue

Forsyth Residential Historic District

Early pioneers Thomas and Mary Alexander owned large swaths of land in and around Forsyth, including most of this block, which they subdivided into lots. They sold this tract to Edward Jones in 1903, who likely built this asymmetrical two-story residence soon after. Builders like Jones had begun to turn away from Victorian excess after the turn of the century. Although this home features a number of Queen Anne elements—multiple roof faces, an octagonal bay, and decorative spindlework—it is less ornate than earlier examples of the style. Edwin and Isobel Katzenstein rented the home in 1912. Edwin, known affectionately as “Katzie,” was proprietor of the Forsyth News Co., a community institution. John and Mabel Hefferin lived here with their family in 1914. John was co-owner of a Main Street saloon. That the Hefferins lived in this elegant home on a prestigious corner lot reflected the family’s rising fortunes. The Twelfth Avenue residence was certainly quieter and more comfortable than their earlier accommodations on Main Street.


411 North Twelfth
411 North Twelfth 411 North Twelfth (PAc 91-51 Forsyth Roll02 F22). Front to side view of the house, facing north at the intersection of North 12th Avenue and Park Street. B&W. Source: Montana State Historic Preservation Office from the Photograph Archives at the Montana Historical Society Creator: Photographer unidentified Date: 1988


411 North 12th Avenue, Forsyth, Montana | Private


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