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McCuiston Building

Forsyth Main Street Historic District

A rear door big enough to drive through hints at this building’s original purpose. Rancher, banker, and businessman Joshua P. McCuistion initially intended to construct a one-story automobile dealership and repair shop, but the demand for office space led him to add a second story. McCuistion purchased this lot in April 1913, and almost immediately Miles City contractor Charles Weston began construction of the two-story garage and office building. Arthur Sickler sold Fords, Hudsons, and Franklins here and ran the Main Street Garage, which advertised itself as a “Tourist’s Headquarters,” offering “Everything for the Auto Traveler.” Automobile tourism was new and entailed some risk. In 1916, a young man caused a fire when he stopped at the garage for gas. After the attendant began filling his tank, the “tenderfoot” lit a match over the gas tank to check the progress. Luckily, the fire only damaged the car itself. Forsyth gained its first stand-alone filling station in 1923, and Stickler sold his business to McCuistion in 1924. However, automobile dealerships continued to sell cars from this building until 1950.


McCuiston Building
McCuiston Building Still image capture of the McCuiston Building, Forsyth, Montana. Image information drawn from related files. b&w print Source: Official records of the Montana State Historic Preservation Office, Helena, Montana Creator: Unidentified photographer Date: Feb. 1989


1025 Main Street, Forsyth, Montana | Private


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