Winslow Mercantile Company

Livingston Commercial Historic District

George Winslow came to Livingston in the 1880s, secured employment at the Blue Front Grocery Store, and eventually bought the business. By 1903, Winslow had expanded his business in this commercial building. The two storefronts were long connected; the Blue Front Grocery was on one side while the mercantile was on the other. Surplus and large items were warehoused in the back. Winslow’s advertised stoves, ranges, farm implements, and shelf and heavy hardware. Livingston’s direct link to the railroad allowed the freshest produce and the grocery store offered all manner of “staple and fancy” goods. One Blue Front specialty in 1903 was “all kinds of Salt Fish.” As an outlet for Studebaker wagons and buggies, Winslow’s catered to homesteaders whose rail travel terminated at Livingston. As in most commercial buildings in towns along the railroad, there were rooms for rent upstairs. The large second-floor window openings and the simple brickwork reflect architectural trends in vogue after the turn of the twentieth century.