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408 Keith Avenue

University Area Historic District

The 400 block of Keith boasts four Tudor Revival style homes, a testament to European influence on American architecture in the 1920s and early 1930s. Thousands of American soldiers served in Europe during World War I, and many veterans returned home with a new appreciation for European architecture. The Tudor style, with its emblematic half-timbering, steeply pitched roofs, and multi-paned windows, particularly caught their imagination. In the face of short skirts and speakeasies, the style struck a chord with Americans longing for a supposedly simpler past. While the exterior design reflected suburbanites’ ambivalence toward modernity, the homes themselves offered all the modern conveniences. This circa 1931 example features a characteristically arched, accented doorway, half-timbering in the dormer, and an asymmetrical front gable. Accents using clinker bricks—bricks purposely over-fired so they would resemble stone—add to the home’s rustic charm.


408 Keith Avenue
408 Keith Avenue 408 Keith Avenue. Front to side view of the house, facing north to northeast on Keith Avenue. Digital photograph. Source: Montana Historical Society Creator: Michael Connolly Date: Jan. 2020


408 Keith Avenue, Missoula, Montana | Private


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